Excuse of the Jahili Arabs in their Worship

“And they worship, instead of Allah, that which neither harms them nor profits them; and they say, ‘These are our intercessors with Allah.’” (Younus, 10:18)

They are praying to al-Laat so that al-Laat will take it up to Allah. They thought they were too sinful or unworthy of going directly to Allah so they took up intermediaries. The main argument used by those who try to justify shirk in Islam is the exact same as this.

“We worship them only that they may bring us closer to Allah.” (Az-Zumar, 39:3)

Want to establish an indirect relationship with Allah. They think the others are so beloved to Allah, and if they are loved by them, then Allah will love them.


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Slave of Allah dedicated to learning and providing authentic Islamic education for the Muslim and non-Muslim women,only for the sake of Allah.

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