H – Attribution Conveys Specification

A word can have a general meaning, but when attributes to something else it becomes more specific. For example, light has a general meaning. But when you attribute it to the sun (sunlight) or the moon (moonlight) it becomes more specific.

So for example, the creation may have aspects of rahmah (mercy), but when one refers to the Rahmah of Allah, it is much more specific.

here are 3 types of idaafah (possession)
Attribution of a characteristic to its owner, and this does not change. For example, the ‘Ilm of Allah. Sifaat Dhaatiyyah.
Attribution of an object to its owner, and this is objects that exist in and of themselves, not concepts. For example, the house of Allah, or the camel of Allah.
Attribution of a verb or action to the one who does it, and this is a concept, not an object, and it is not static. For example, “your Lord comes…” Sifaat Fi’liyyah.

These concepts were misunderstood by deviant groups. For example, the first category was denied by the Mu’tazilah and affirmed by Ash’aris. The second category was not disputed as all understood these objects separate from Allah. The third category is unique to Ahlus-Sunnah, as the groups of kalam tried to put everything into the other categories.


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