D – Explanation of the Use of Majaz (Metaphors) in the Quran – Haitham Hamdan

We need to differentiate between two things:

1) Metaphoric words (Majaaz).
2) Metaphoric sentences (Not Majaaz).

Metaphoric Sentences:
For example, when we say: “Zaid is a fox”, we do not mean: Zaid is an actual fox, the animal. From the context we understand that we are only giving a metaphor of how cunning Zaid is.

This is a metaphoric sentence. This exists in the Quran in abundance. For example:

“And, out of kindness, lower to them (your parents) the wing of humility …”.

Obviously, humility does not have a wing to lower. But from the context we understand: be kind to your parents, etc.

This is not Majaaz. It is not the point of dispute between people of Sunnah and people of Bid’ah.

Metaphoric words (Majaaz):

Again, when we say: “Zaid is a fox”, notice that the word fox does not mean anything other than: fox; the animal. The word fox does not mean cunning in itself. The entire sentence means: Zaid is cunning. But the word fox still means: fox; the animal.

In the example of: “lower the wing of humility”, we see that the word “wing” does not mean anything other than the well known wing, (as in a bird’s wing).

What people of Bid’ah say is that the words themselves have an apparent meaning, and a different hidden meaning (Majazy meaning). This is to help them in saying things such as “Yad” means: ability, self … etc.

Ahlus-Sunnah disagrees; words can only have one meaning dictated by the context.

Wallhu A’lam.

(From Multaqa Ahl al-Hadeeth)


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