Don’t Listen to Everyone who begins to Blabber – Shaykh Muhammad Naasirud-Deen Al-Albaanee

My brother, the problem with the youth today, as they say in Ash-Shaam: The sticks gather them and the sticks separate them (i.e., they gather and disperse around people very easily). They are not accustomed to knowing knowledge and the people of knowledge. So everyone who speaks and is eloquent and begins to blabber then he is given ear and listened to. This is an error. This is where the confusion, distress, etc. comes from. Due to this, we advise the youth, my brother, to not—whenever a newcomer comes and a caller cries out—do not listen to him and give ear to him. Due to this, I like at times the sternness of some of the Salaf. In what? In their prohibiting of sitting with the people of Bid’ah; to the point that they even feared for themselves. This is from the amazing affairs. They even feared for themselves that a doubt from this person who debates upon falsehood would cling to the heart of whom? The heart of the scholar. So what do you think as it relates to the common-folk? Due to this, for these it is not permissible, O brother, to give them ear. It is only to be said to them: “There are scholars and students of knowledge. Perhaps you can be guided by them and be sufficed with them. We do not know this speech.” Suffice yourself with this. He who desires to hear, every day, (different) speech regarding the religion; a different opinion every day, then this is evidence for the lack of stability for the correct Eemaan within the hearts of the people.

Translated By: Raha ibn Donald Batts


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