Advice to the Youth and the Parents regarding Watching Movies Which Promote Magic and other forms of Kufr – Shaykh Muhammad ‘Akkoor

Advice to the Youth and Parents regarding Al-Walaa wal-Baraa’ – Shaykh Muhammad ‘Akkoor


We have here in America, films which contain magic. From the most popular of them is a film called Harry Potter. The individual Harry Potter is the hero of the movie. He is a youth, but he is a great magician. The disbelievers within this land love him and some of the Muslim youth are put to trial with these movies. What is your advice to these youth as it relates to these movies and likewise, what is your advice to the parents who allow the children to watch these movies? Benefit us, may Allaah bless you.


All the praise is for Allaah. This is a problem. When the Muslim youth watches these films which contain various types of magic; or are named after magicians; or contain the actions of magicians, then he will be affected by them and he will grow up upon them (these movies). Then if one comes in the future and it is said to him that this is not permissible he won’t be convinced; because it has become ingrained within his flesh and his blood and has become a part of his life. Due to this, it is proper for the Muslim to be vigilant regarding his children as it relates to these things which are presented by way of the visual media. Because the child has no sense of that which is dangerous; not in ‘Aqeedah nor in terms of (his) associations, or Al-Walaa wal-Baraa’. So this Muslim youth, the least of this affair is that he loves this person; because he is accustomed to seeing him and he is accustomed to that which he says and does such that it became a part of his life. So if we come in the future when he reaches the age of maturity and we said to him that this is Haraam he won’t believe us. If he does believe us then the effect is still within his mind.

You all have something else other than that which is watched. There is upon the clothing, upon the jackets, or upon the things which the men and the women wear there are the names of polytheists, or magicians, or disbelievers. This contains Al-Walaa’ wal-Baraa’ and showing association with this group of people from this perspective. So it obligatory upon the Muslim that his Al-Walaa be for Allaah, the Majestic, and that his Al-Baraa’ be for the sake of Allaah, the Majestic and High. So he loves those whom Allaah loves and he does that which Allaah loves from actions; he loves the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) and his companions and the believers; and he hates Shirk and the polytheists. He hates those whom Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, hates. If this is established then this is the basis and the foundation for (goodly) upbringing; in order that the Muslim grows up adhering to his religion; having allegiance for Al-Islaam and its people; avoiding and abandoning Shirk and its people; so that he would not be one who wavers; not being a pure Muslim nor being safe from the deceptions of the polytheists, the magicians, and the atheists.

These people are pleased with the likes of these matters. They are pleased that the Muslim, or the young male or female youth should bear their names or to bear their personality or to carry advertisements for their foundations or businesses, while they do not perceive it. Those who perceive it are the adults and the mature. So it is befitting for us, O beloved ones for Allaah’s sake, that our association be for Al-Islaam and is people; and our disassociation and our distance should be kept from Shirk and its people. We ask Allaah to rectify the offspring for us and for you. He is the One Responsible for that and Capable of doing so.

Translated by Raha ibn Donald Batts          
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