VI-Misconceptions Surrounding the 99 Names

1) They are all listed in a single hadith. This hadith is reported by Tirmidhi and is weak for the following reasons:
The list is mudraj from one of the narrators according to the expert traditionalists as stated by Ibn Kathir, ibn Hajar, and al-San’ani.
All the most reliable narrators make no mention of it
It is missing many Names which are mentioned in the Quran or authentic ahadith
Some of the Names mentioned in this particular hadith are not mentioned elsewhere and/or are highly disputed.

It has been judged weak by many ?ad?th scholars such as al-Tirmidhi himself, al-Nawawi, ibn Hajar, ibn Taymiyyah, ibn al-Qayyim, ibn Kathir, al-San’ani and others.

2) Reciting these names in certain combinations will produce certain results.
This practice has no basis in any hadith, not even a weak one.
This goes against the way of the Quran and the way of the Prophet (sal-Allahu ‘alayhi was-Sallam) which is to make dua with these Names.


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