My husband is speaking with a woman on the internet for marriage – Advice from Shaykh Uthman As Saalimi Al Yemeni


Noble Shaykh my husband wants to take a second wife. And it has been revealed to me that he became acquainted with a non-related woman by way of the internet. Then he started speaking with her by video chat in addition to text messages by phone. Then they began to exchange flirts, rather he began requesting indecent things from her. Likewise he began to send her money. All of this occurred in a period of only one week. So is this permissible to do while she remains an unrelated woman to him? How is he doing this while he is a religious man? Can the one who wants to marry go about it in this manner? What should I do in this situation; may Allah bless you?

Shaykh Uthman As Saalimi Al Yemeni:

May Allah guide him. This person’s righteousness and integrity is weak, and his religion is weak. It is obligatory upon him to repent and seek forgiveness. And it is not permissible for him to place a picture of himself on the internet, or anything like this.

Also, in addition to this; whoever wishes to marry a woman needs to speak with her family and ask about her. As for utilizing the internet, this is the fitna that occurs from it. It is obligatory upon him to repent and seek forgiveness. And if he wants marriage, he must go to her family and address them, or ask questions about her, such as, ‘how is her deen’. As for him getting to know her by way of the internet and pictures, then I do not advise this; rather it is obligatory to abandon this.

And if the woman is able to advise her husband she should do so. And also she should beautify and prettify herself for her husband such that he will forget this Fitna. And with Allah aid is sought. Or she should have someone command him with good, and leaving off these flirts.

May Allah give us all success to that which He loves and is pleased with.

Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee

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