Protection from Fitna – By Shaikh Saleh Al Fawzan

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Question: What would you advise us during this time in which much trials and tribulations have become apparent, the people of innovation have (also) spread, and the scholars are passing away?

Answer: The first thing that I advise is that you fear Allah the Most High. I likewise advise you to increase in your supplication that Allah makes us and you firm upon the religion, and that He protects us from the evil of these trials and tribulations.

Secondly, I advise you to seek knowledge from the people of knowledge, and be diligent in doing so. Indeed the only thing that would save one from these trials and tribulations is correct knowledge. If you do not gain correct knowledge, it is possible that you will fall into the fitna and you will not realize it. Therefore, it is upon you to seek knowledge from the people of knowledge, and you should not become lazy; as it relates to seeking knowledge, to the best of your ability.

Translation: Mustafa George DeBerry


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Slave of Allah dedicated to learning and providing authentic Islamic education for the Muslim and non-Muslim women,only for the sake of Allah.

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