Stop videotaping the speakers during lectures : Shaykh Abdur Razzaq Al Badr

The following is a summary translation

Shaykh Abdur Razzaq Al Badr: And I want to mention a word of caution concerning some of our brothers—may Allah guide us and them—those who busy themselves with videotaping. And I have mentioned more than once— O noble brothers—this videotaping has no benefit. That which benefits is the knowledge, as for the picture of the speaker; this does not benefit you, and it has no value or advantages. It will not benefit you. That which will benefit you, is to memorize the knowledge itself; and to memorize the Speech of Allah, and the speech of His Messenger عليه الصلاة والسلام. And cultivate yourself upon precession in this matter and working by it. As for this imagery and videotaping, none of this has any benefit; rather it brings harm to the people. And it distracts them away from that which is useful and beneficial. For this reason I reiterate this point and I advise myself and my brothers to have Taqwa of Allah the Exalted and to seek His Pleasure, and to avoid busying ourselves with that which contains no benefit and that which distracts us and averts us away from obtaining the good and working by it.

Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee

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