The Ten Qualities Of The Strangest Of The Strangers : Imaam Abu Bakr Aajoori

Al Imaam Abu Bakr Muhammad bin Hussain Al Aajoori, may Allah show him abundant mercy, said in Al Ghurabaa’:

“The strangest of the strangers in this time of ours is one who:

1. Takes to the Sunnah and is patient upon it
2. Takes caution against innovation and is patient against it
3. Follows in the tracks of those who proceeded from the Imaams of the muslims
4. Is aware of his time, its severe corruption and the corruption of his own family and so he busies himself with rectifying his personal situation by safeguarding his body
(because his rectification is the first step toward the rectification of his home. One of the salaf, Abdullah ibn Al Mubaarak wrote a chapter in his book Az-Zuhd war-Raqaa’iq entitled: The Rectitude of the people of a household comes about by the uprightness of the man.)
5. He abandons delving into what doesn’t concern him
6. And works on repairing what is broken with him
7. His pursuit of the dunya is regarding only what will suffice him
8. And he leaves off what is extra that will cause him to go beyond the bounds
9. He uses wise diplomacy with the people of his time but does not flatter them/compromise for them.
10. And He is patient upon that.”

Originally from a post on Sahab by Raa’id Aali Taahir who numbered the points in the description of Al Aajuri.

May Allah give us tawfeeq for what he loves and is pleased with.

Source : Umar Quinn (hafidhahullaah) via Twitter


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