But We Need a New Approach in Today’s Dawah! [Shaykh Ibn Baaz Responds] |

In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful…

It is widely reported that His Eminence, Shaikh ‘Abdul-Azeez Bin Baaz (may Allaah have Mercy on him), was asked:

Every era has a method that suits it. The Salaf (righteous predecessors) used lessons and sermons, but we have a more effective method: acting. Nice young men, depicting the roles of sinners or drunkards, solely for the sake of admonishment. So I hope Your Eminence would encourage the youth to do so, since the method of those before us does not suit them.

And the shaykh answered:

Allaahu Akbar… Allaahu Akbar… Allaahu Akbar… Allaahu Akbar.

What a horrible lie! What a terribly hideous statement!

The way of the Prophet (may Allaah raise his rank and grant him peace), the Companions, and the righteous Salaf is of no benefit to those living today?! Nothing benefits them but acting and lies?! We seek Allaah’s Refuge from evil. You have spoken falsehood and lies, O questioner! We ask Allaah for well-being.

The Prophet (may Allaah raise his rank and grant him peace) and his Companions did not perform theatrics. They would not say, “I’m Aboo Jahl,” and, “I’m Aboo So-and-so,” and, “I’m…”

They would say, “Allaah said…”, “The Prophet said…”, and “Fear Allaah, O people! Do this… Leave this… This is permissible… This is impermissible…” That is what benefits the masses!

Nothing benefits them except for someone to come and say, “I’m Aboo Lahab,” or, “I’m Aboo Jahl,”, or, “I’m Aboo Bakr,” or, ”I’m Muhammad,” while lying?!

A beardless man comes and proclaims, “I’m Aboo Bakr,” or, “I’m Umar”?!

What is this ugly and evil speech?! I seek Allaah’s Refuge!

Acting is forbidden. It is lies and falsehood! We ask Allaah for well-being.

I seek refuge with Allaah. We ask Allah for well-being.

Allaah, the Most High, says:

وإنهم ليقولون منكرا من القول وزورا
“And verily, they utter an ill word and a lie.” [58:2]

Source: This post on Sahab.net.

Translated by: Adil bin Arif


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