Placing Donation boxes in the Masjid – Answered by Sheikh Fawzan


May Allah give you good, this question comes by way of the internet from America, the question is: ‘What is the ruling on placing donation boxes inside the masjid in order to collect money to cover the Masjids bills and expenses, keeping in mind that the Muslims in America do not receive financial assistance from the government rather they only depend upon Allah and then they depend on the money they collect?

Shaykh Fawzan:

The door of donations is wide, if there is a need for donations to the masjid for renovations of the masjid or building a masjid or those things which will benefit the masjid and there are not enough funds to cover the expenses except by way of donations then there is nothing wrong with this. And this is from cooperating upon piety and righteousness.

Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee


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