Shaykh Bin Baaz on Sisters Exercising

Question: The questioner asks about the ruling on young ladies exercising?

Answer: Exercise varies; it is a general word. Exercising amongst the girls with something that does not oppose the pure legislation; by way of an abundance of walking in a place specific to them in which men will not mix with them or men will not see them, or by way of swimming amongst them within their home or in their school specifically wherein the men will not see them and men will not come in contact with them, there is no harm in this. As for the exercise which contains mixing between men and women or wherein men will see them or it will bring about evil for the Muslims, then it is not permissible. It is a must that the details be provided. The exercise which is specific to the women and does not contain anything legislatively prohibited and does not contain mixing with men, and it within a secluded place and a place far removed from free-mixing, then there is no harm in it; whether that be by walking, swimming, and its like; similarly, racing between them.

Translated by Raha ibn Donald Batts


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