No to these journeys

No to these journeys

Praise be to Allah Alone. May peace and blessings be upon the Last Prophet, Muhammad, his family, and Companions. A newspaper (issue no: [2508], dated 1/7/1399 A.H., p. 8) published an advertisement posted by an American institution inviting teenagers between 10-18 to participate in a summer journey for sixty-six days to visit England, the United States of America, and Mexico.

Fulfilling the duty of advising the Ummah, I should unveil to our Muslim brothers and citizens the great dangers that these journeys may cause to the morals and religion of their children. The people who are responsible for these journeys are disbelievers who are not concerned about any moral or religious affairs. In the best expectation, when they have no other evangelistic or evil aims, they care for material gain.

Moreover, these journeys will be made to countries where all types of depravity, immorality and destructive missions prevail. We notice that the advertisement targets children and teenagers at the age of adolescence in which they are susceptible to instructions, role models and impressions with appearances. Such teenagers have little knowledge and can hardly distinguish between good and evil. If they are guided to a good thing, they will do it but if they are misguided to do an evil, they will rush into it except those whom Allah willed to protect.
Countless harms may follow including the absence of paternal observance in this crucial phase of the child’s life where much care and discipline are urgently needed. It is also expected that the child will abandon the duties of Islam and stop doing them, mainly, Salah (prayer) and fasting.

The date of the journey corresponds with the month of Ramadan in which every mature Muslim must observe fasting, so how can a person observe fasting while he is driven to places of entertainment
(Part No. 4; Page No. 198)

and pursuing lusts?! They are also exposed to the bad morals that they try and witness. This may cause them to make light of the Islamic morals and urge them to ridicule and disrespect them. Furthermore, they are submitted to the instruction, supervision, and control of the disbelievers.

In these circumstances, it is not permissible for the Muslim to travel to the lands of the Mushriks (those who associate others with Allah in His Divinity or worship) or live among them without necessity. An exception is made for a Muslim who is knowledgeable about the teachings of Islam and its proofs, so that he can call people to Islam, refute the misconceptions raised against it and perform his duties. The general evidence support this ruling. Allah (Exalted be He) says: Verily! As for those whom the angels take (in death) while they are wronging themselves (as they stayed among the disbelievers even though emigration was obligatory for them), they (angels) say (to them): “In what (condition) were you?” They reply: “We were weak and oppressed on the earth.” They (angels) say: “Was not the earth of Allâh spacious enough for you to emigrate therein?” Such men will find their abode in Hell – What an evil destination! Except the weak ones among men, women and children who cannot devise a plan, nor are they able to direct their way. These are they whom Allâh is likely to forgive them, and Allâh is Ever Oft-Pardoning, Oft-Forgiving.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) also said: I disown any Muslim who stays among polytheists. He also said: Allah does not accept any deeds from a Mushrik, after having embraced Islam, until he separates himself from the Mushriks. Traveling to the lands of disbelievers without necessity helps a Muslim commit prohibited acts and abandon his obligations. Evidently, the means to committing forbidden acts are also forbidden.
In short, it is not permissible for our teenagers to go on this journey. Their guardians should not allow it but they have to try all possible means to prevent teenagers from participating in such journeys and cancel them in order to protect Muslim youth from the dangers that threaten their creed and morals.

In this regard, I would like to draw the attention of Muslims to the evil plots and conspiracies their enemies weave to swerve Muslims from Islam and undermine their adherence to it. The evangelical plans, which many Muslim scholars and intellectuals disclosed, and the suspicious campaigns they always launch against Muslims confirm these evil plots.

It is a grave mistake to deny that and think good of their intentions. Clear signs assure this and nobody can deny these signs except a fool,

(Part No. 4; Page No. 199)

a Fasiq (someone flagrantly violating Islamic law) or a stubborn man. The evangelical invasions and missions intensely staged against Muslim lands in Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Uganda, Sudan, and other Muslim countries lend support to this. The enemies of Islam may utilize other means in this respect, such as building hospitals, schools, and orphanages and holding entertainment gatherings and human organizations for the purpose of destroying Muslims’ morals and minds, cutting their connection with Allah, and giving free rein to their sexual desires. Traveling to the non-Muslim lands proved to be ideal incubator for the adolescents where they are brainwashed by the instructions they learn.

Let Muslims be alert to such malicious plans, not to entrust their children to the enemies, so that they are destroyed and pushed into the way of error. Allah (Exalted be He) says: O you who believe! Ward off yourselves and your families against a Fire (Hell) whose fuel is men and stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern (and) severe, who disobey not, (from executing) the Commands they receive from Allâh, but do that which they are commanded.

We also remind Muslims of their duties towards their children. They should carefully bring them up and direct them to observe the rituals of Islam and practice its etiquette. They should forbid their children from committing prohibitions, vices, and forbid the means to them. They should implant the good morals in them and keep them away from bad friends and corrupted societies.

We point out to those who are responsible for the local newspapers to be more alert and jealous for Islam and the society. They should not publish such harmful advertisements that serve interests of the enemies of Islam and harm religion, creed, and morals of members of the Muslim society. They must contribute to the process of reform and guide to goodness and truth.

May Allah grant all Muslims safety in this life and in the Hereafter. May Allah show us the truth and guide us to follow it showing us the falsehood and guide us to avoid it. We implore Allah to set aright the affairs of the Muslim rulers and support the truth with them. We ask Him to guide all Muslims to the means of goodness and glory everywhere – He is All-Hearer and Responsive.
May Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.


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