Website of Scholars and others

Shiekh Muhammad sa’id raslan

Shiekh Abdul Aziz Ar-Rayis

Shiekh Abdullah ibn Ibraheem Al-Qar’aawi

Shiekh Abdur-rahman barak

Shiekh Abdur-rahman bin sa’di

Shiekh Abdur-razzaq al-‘abbad

Shiekh Ali Ar-Ramli

Shiekh Faalah ibn Isma’il Mandakar

Shiekh Muhammad al-imam

Shiekh Salih Al-luhaidan

Shiekh Salih sadlan

Shiekh Salim Taweel

Shiekh Taqi deen Al Hilali

Beneficial Website for Islam (Arabic)

Beneficial Websites Islam (English)


Urdu bsp; (Urdu)



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Slave of Allah dedicated to learning and providing authentic Islamic education for the Muslim and non-Muslim women,only for the sake of Allah.

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