Day 3 : Sincerity is the way of Salvation (الاجلاص طريق الخلاص ) by Ustadha Eman Al Obaid (HafidhaAllah)

Day 3 : Sincerity is the way of salvation

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Al Ikhlas Taariq Al khalaas 3

Ustadha Eman started praising Allah (swt) and sending dua for the students .
Let’s start with a question : what Is the difference between Eman and Ikhlas ?
Eman is the cause that gives the result which is so Ikhlas .
Eman is the saying of the heart while Al Ikhlas is the action of the heart .
Based of what your heart say then your heart will act upon it .

Sheikh Ibn Al Uthaimen(Rahimaullah) said : Al Ikhlas for Allah (swt) is to Draw oneself to allaah and reach paradise .In your heart you need to free yourself from the wanting of Allah (swt) .

The slave need to be sincere in Allah (swt) in his goal (بان يكون العبد مخلصا الله في قصده)
Be sincere in his love (مخلصا الله في محبته) need to love Allah (swt) alone
Need to magnify Allah (swt) alone(مخلصا الله في تعظيمه )
Be sincere in our outside and inside (مخلصا الله في ظاهره و باطنه):
If not just having it but it’s all in our life , but living by Ikhlas inside and outside . All my inner and outer action are sincere and free form wanting of people
Let’s continue with Al Ikhlas in seeking knowledge !
How will into all Ikhlas in seeking knowledge ??
First you clear all your heart and yourself from the wanting of people then :

Seeking knowledge while Desiring the Face of Allah and know His legislation and rules (اطلب العلم لتبليغ به وجه الله و تعرف احكامه و فرائضه) :  For the Munafiqoon when they go pray they go with laziness , you don’t study with Biden but with love , seeking the Face of Allah (swt) . It’s like a tool, a weapon that push you to see Allah (swt) and know His legislation and rules .you need to work , it’s action of the heart . After you know then

Act upon this knowledge and teach others (تعمل به و تعلم غيرك) then this is
How you establish the religion of Allah (فتنشر دينة) . You will spread the religion of Allah (swt) .
Then you will be a soldier of Allah (swt) and what an honor to be a soldier of Allah (swt) (وتكون جندي من جنود الله تعالى)

The knowledge is worship , if you acquire the knowledge with purity , for Allah (swt) and to be soldier of Allaah then it will be Acceptable .
Purify and it will grow and this knowledge has a baraka
The knowledge has first impact on the person then on his surrounding , to his family and  life will be blessed and will be blessed wherever he will be . Because he seek the knowledge with Al Ikhlas . You find some people accruing knowledge just for themselves and it will have no baraka . It’s a worship so you must have Al ikhlas .

Either you will have the blessing or it will nullify they deeds .
Abu Hurairah (ra):
Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:The Messenger of Allah(ﷺ) said, “He who does not acquire knowledge with the sole intention of seeking the Pleasure of Allah but for worldly gain, will not smell the fragrance of Jannah on the Day of Resurrection.”

The one who acquire the knowledge seeking the face of Allah except to have the Dunya he will not smell paradise .
Religious knowledge which should be for Face of Allah (swt) , but this person seek it for the Dunya , position ,praise , feeling good about then he will not have paradise  .That’s why Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ) said to the sahabah (ra) : if you pass to any garden of paradise you sit , then the Sahaba (ra) asked where is this garden? Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ) said : the study circle .

Why ? Because you are feeding the heart with the good heart .
There is a difference in the attitude with two people , both acquiring the knowledge ,one learn, he doesn’t complain and the learning is so enjoying, so he is happy even his there is disturbance . The other one acquiring but he complaining about the teacher , the place , you can see the difference . You can see those who do for Allah (swt) or no . Your Ikhlas over come everything . You will live in paradise .

The gathering of remembrance of Allah (swt) is the one which make you:
Know Allah (swt) (معرفة الله)
Love Him (محبته)
Feeling familiar ,happy content (الانس به)
His Obedience (وطاعته)
And longing to meet him (الشوق للقائه)
You get all this from beneficial knowledge (العلم النافع يدل علي ذلك)
Anyone who enter the paradise of the Dunya will enter the paradise of the hereafter (فمن دخل جنة الدنيا دخل جنة الآخرة )
That’s why seeker of knowledge should have Al Ikhlas . May الله grant us Al Ikhlas .

That’s why the worst Person in the Day of Judgement is the one His knowledge didn’t benefit him, he has no Al Ikhlas .
How it benefit you ? With Al Ikhlas .
Don’t think about the result: certificate , people , praise
For instance ,Think now we are learning ,don’t think what You will do with this knowledge after an hour . Think every single moment with Al Ikhlas . Don’t worry about later , worry about now . Sometimes you learn something and with al Ikhlas you will see an immediate effect on you .
If you acquire knowledge it will take you high (عالم لم ينفعه علمه)
Without Al Ikhlas (بدون اخلاص )
And without Al Ikhlas it will take you down (عالم بدل ان يرتقي الي أعلى الدرجات نزل الي ادني الأمور )
That’s why Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ) said the one who will enter hellfire before the disbelievers , will be the one who learn knowledge to be known .  We need then to make the study circle without wordily benefit . No certificate, no name without anything . It’s very scary !!! Human being when he gets tangible then look at how he will be except by the mercy of Allah (swt) . You want to be high in the sight of Allah (swt) . Only Allah knows if you are being elevated or no .
Note: you just come to learn for the sake of Allah (swt) . Not anyone .

Sheikh Al Uthaimen (Rahimaullah) said : to student and teacher to make their bases of the matter which you will build on it your movement and silence , complete sincerity and get closer to Allah (swt) . Meaning before you make a movement or silence should be for Allah (swt) .
Sometimes people used the knowledge to defend themselves , or attack the people . You need to be very careful . The based of all your utterance should be Al Ikhlas .

Al Ikhlas in all your affairs(اخلاص في كل الأمور  ):
In studying (درسوا)
In teaching (دارسوا)
In Writing (كتبوا)
In memorizing (حفظوا)
In Listening (استمعوا)
In Repeating (كرروا)
In Revising (راجعوا)
In Searching (بحثوا)
You need to do all for the Face of Allah (swt) .

The scholar Abu Zayed (Rahimallah ) said :When there is no Al Ikhlas it will leads to the best of obedience to the lowest of the sins .
The knowledge with Al Ikhlas will take you high but knowledge without Al Ikhlas it will take you too down , worst than anybody else .it is th best of the worship . And knowledge with no Al Ikhlas is the worst of the sins .

And from the things that will destroy the knowledge is (وما  من شيء يحطم العلم مثل)
ArRiyah (الرياء) doing in front of people to impress them
For your preparation (التسميع): looking for a good reputation , people heard and see you good . But this is not what we must want .This is why Al Ikhlas is the way of the salvation . All this wanting for people is so much stress , and you won’t be able to do it for Al Ikhlas .
Sheikh AsSaadi(Rahimallah) didn’t think about his reputation , or even his student leaving him … And allah granted him good reputation .

The riyah and the seeking of good reputation will spoils the knowledge we ask Allah (swt) the good reputation after we die . Because being alive now there is so much desires from people. We shouldn’t praise people for the knowledge to avoid affecting the knowledge .

Little knowledge with Al Ikhlas is more beneficial and blessed than so much knowledge without Al Ikhlas .

Al Ikhlas is the way of salvation free from destruction .

We ask Allah (swt) to make us amongst the sincere one .
Home work for tomorrow ان شاء الله : look from the Quran who from the Messengers Allah (swt) call them as Al Mukhlassen (the  sincere one )


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