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V-The Famous Hadith of 99 Names

“Indeed, Allah has Ninety-Nine Names, one hundred less one, whoever enumerates (ahsaaha) them shall enter Paradise” [Agreed Upon]. Some narrations add: “… and He is Witr, and loves the Witr.”

Meaning of ‘Ihsaa’:
Enumerating (and memorizing) them
Understanding their meanings and acting upon them
Make du’a as mentioned in the ayah – “And to Allah belong the Most Beautiful Names, so invoke Him by them. And leave [the company of] those who practice deviation [ilhad] concerning His Names. They will be recompensed for what they have been doing.” [7:180]

Some of the scholars who have compiled lists of Allah’s Names:
Sufyan b. Uyaynah (entirely from the Quran)
Ibn Hazm (partial list)
Ibn Hajar (entirely from the Quran)
Ibn Uthaymeen
Al-Qahtani/Bin Baz
Muhammad al-Hamud al-Najdi

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